An Elite Proxy Versus an Anonymous Proxy

different-kinds-of-proxiesThe information below assumes you already have a basic understanding of proxy servers and being anonymous online.  If you don’t, then I strongly recommend you read a post I made sometime ago that will help bring you up to speed, HERE.

So, you know how proxies work but not about the subtle differences between them, especially an anonymous proxy and an elite proxy.

Visit any discussion board and you’ll see a plethora of proxy related terms, like the two I mentioned above, being discussed.

Difference between Elite Proxy VS Anonymous Proxy

As with most things in this world there is not just one kind of proxy server, and this can be confusing because the differences between are not easily discerned from just looking at their different names.

What’s the difference between the two?

The catch here is that an elite proxy is really just an anonymous proxy, and an anonymous proxy is a very broad term that encompasses many different kinds of proxies.

If this is the case, then what’s so special or different about an elite proxy server?

While elite proxies and anonymous proxies are both anonymous, the differences between the two are important and something that you should know before deciding on what the best kind of proxy server for you is.

Anonymous level

The first thing you need to remember about the differences between these two is kind of proxy servers is that an elite proxy is just one kind of anonymous proxy.

The main difference between these two is that an anonymous proxy is visible and can seen by everyone and anyone who takes the time to look at the IP you are using while on the Internet.

This means that websites can easily see that the IP you are using isn’t the one that your computer is connected to the Internet with. That means they know you are trying to hide or change your IP for some reason. This kind of IP is called a proxified” IP.

Obviously you are not completely anonymous using this kind of proxy, and it is not uncommon for websites to block access to anyone who is using an IP that is detected as coming from a proxy server.

This method of blocking or filtering visitors is used heavily by classified websites.  They allow you to browse and read ads, but as soon as you try to post ads you will find that none of your advertisements go live.

This problem is something elite proxies don’t suffer from, because they are completely undetectable and look like any other ordinary IP connected to the Internet.

If a website checks your IP, all it sees is an ordinary IP, like one that you might find the average Joe has when he surfs the web with his home computer.

What this means is that websites have no way of knowing if the IP you are you using is the one assigned to your home computer or to a proxy server, because there’s basically no difference between the two, at least not enough difference to cause them any concern.

You are completely anonymous while surfing websites with an elite proxy, but this isn’t always true when using a normal anonymous proxy server.

Speed of Proxies

Another point worth mentioning about elite proxies and anonymous proxies is that of speed and reliability. Anonymous proxies include just about every kind of proxy you can find out there, and this means that you will stumble upon a lot that are free proxy server list or shared.

Public or openly shared proxies are often used by a LOT of people, because they are shared on blogs or in forums on proxy-related sites.

Can you imagine how slow surfing the Internet would be if you had 10 to 100 people all trying to use the same computer at the same time? Hopefully this gives you some idea of just how slow some anonymous proxies can be, because there are simply too many people trying to use them at the same time. Proxy servers function much like your home computer.

They have a CPU, RAM, HDD and Internet connection. All of these components have a limited amount of speed or space.  The bandwidth and speed of their Internet connection can only take so much before it becomes overloaded.

While two or three people using a proxy server at the same time won’t be too much of a problem, if you have five or more people you will start to see some serious issues regarding speed while surfing the Internet.

Try downloading several files from the Internet with your home PC and you’ll experience something similar. The download speed will decrease significantly with each new download.

An elite proxy doesn’t suffer from this problem because there is only one person using it, you. As a result, surfing the Internet is as fast or almost as fast as it would be if you use your home computer without a proxy server.

While there are many other differences between an elite proxy and anonymous proxy, the two mentioned above are the main two reasons why you really should use an elite proxy server instead of a standard anonymous proxy.

Elite proxies are very fast and very secure, and they are the only definite way to make sure that Webmasters and websites don’t know who you are and are unable to block you from visiting or creating new accounts on their site.

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