18 Best Mobile Proxies to Buy (3G/4G/5G/LTE) in 2023

In a hurry? The best mobile proxy service in 2023, based on our extensive testing, is Bright Data formerly Luminati..

Proxies provide unrestricted access to any website on the internet. We‘ve all encountered situations where a website denied access due to banned IPs or other limitations. Mobile proxies offer a secure way to bypass restrictions and access blocked content. Many businesses now use mobile proxies too.

Mobile proxies change IP addresses frequently to ensure anonymity. This allows changing IPs without rebooting your mobile router, normally required for a new IP. When using a proxy, your request goes through a mobile device‘s cellular data connection before reaching the destination server. This facilitates access to restricted websites.

This article covers the 18 best mobile proxy providers to buy in 2023. We compare their key advantages to help you choose the right one for your needs.

Top Mobile Proxy Services

  1. Bright Data – Our top choice overall
  2. Oxylabs
  3. ProxyEmpire
  4. Proxy-Seller
  5. Froxy
  6. IPRoyal
  7. The Social Proxy
  8. Scraper API
  9. Airproxy
  10. Shifter
  11. Soax
  12. ProxyLTE
  13. AirSocks
  14. Proxy Cheap
  15. Hydraproxy
  16. IPBurger
  17. Custom Proxy Solutions
  18. IPv4 Depot

1. Bright Data

Bright Data makes the list for being one of the most effective mobile proxy services. They provide both 4G and 5G IP addresses from a pool of millions. These are randomized when you start the proxy for anonymity.

Their service spans various regions and networks for seamless performance. For $30 per GB, you get premium access to top IPs that rotate automatically for privacy. Exclusive features include selecting an IP by region, unlimited users per account, and unlimited bandwidth.

Bright Data‘s IP gathering process is unique too. Users can use ad-free apps by joining the proxy network and sharing their IP, for which Bright Data pays the app developer a fee. Visit their site to learn more on features and pricing.

2. Oxylabs

Oxylabs tops our list for the best mobile proxies available now. Their pay-as-you-go mobile proxies start at just $22 per GB.

They are known for a unique in-house IP rotation system. Oxylabs provides locations in the US, Europe, Pacific, Africa, and more, ensuring ample proxy choices anywhere.

The provider also utilizes IPv6 support for seamless data harvesting. You can request a customized setup to meet your unique data scraping needs too. Their 24/7 support team quickly resolves any issues when first configuring proxies.

Uptime is critical for proxies. Oxylabs guarantees 99% uptime. They use built-in security to keep data secure when browsing. The service automatically detects and blacklists blocked IPs without any input needed. Additional features further minimize blocked IPs.

3. ProxyEmpire

ProxyEmpire excels as a one-stop shop for proxies. Their best feature is automatic IP rotation, sparing you the hassle. They ethically source all proxies and offer access in over 150 countries – ideal for worldwide data collection.

Subtle and discreet, ProxyEmpire is upfront about pricing, avoiding hidden fees later. Plans start at $45 and go up to $4000.

4. Proxy-Seller

Proxy-Seller offers some of the best cheap mobile proxies around. For those with limited budgets, their low rates are a blessing. Proxy-Seller keeps clients anonymous and explains proxy importance on their site.

They categorize cheap mobile proxies clearly. Beyond mobile, they also assist clients with other proxy types. Their private proxies ensure no personal data leaks to third parties or hackers.

Affordable yet providing a customizable, personal experience with great value, this proxy vendor is a prudent choice for many.

5. Froxy

Froxy is a top proxy service enabling anonymous mobile access to restricted activities like web scraping and market research. Their proxies reliably work on the go.

With 99.9% uptime and over 8 million IP addresses, Froxy excels on key metrics. They offer a free 3-day trial to test the service before subscribing from just $1.99.

Their video tutorial explains how they anonymously collect data using completely whitelisted IPs. Customer reviews on Trustpilot further demonstrate their quality service. For reliable mobile proxies, Froxy is a great choice.

6. IPRoyal

As a leading mobile proxy provider, IPRoyal has over eight million IPs in 100+ countries. They have servers in virtually every major city globally.

Seamlessly use IPRoyal with any software or for web scraping. The frequently changing IPs protect your scraper. Their free tools let you easily access data from anywhere.

Along with free services, they charge a minimum fee for residential proxies. The premium dedicated server proxies are best for bulk data harvesting.

IPRoyal automatically rotates proxies without any effort on your part. Simply select your desired location and receive local IPs only. With 24/7 customer service and industry-leading uptime, IPRoyal is a top-choice mobile proxy provider.

7. The Social Proxy

The Social Proxy offers fast, affordable mobile proxies focused on social media privacy. Their infrastructure includes 4G & 5G modems across three global locations – Israel, the UK, and Austria.

Their dedicated IPs avoid detection on social networks and web browsing. This makes them trusted by individuals and companies alike. The provider also ranks highly for social media automation tools.

While tailored for social media, you can use The Social Proxy for other needs too. Unlike other mobile proxy platforms, pricing is flexible based on desired ports vs. a flat rate. Try their free trial to evaluate the quality before subscribing.

They use static proxies but rotate them well. Expect fast speeds with The Social Proxy.

8. Scraper API

Scraper API is a popular proxy service known for its huge IP pool and unique customization features enabling seamless, uninterrupted data access. Their IP rotation prevents blocks.

Customize request types, headers, locations – anything. Slow IPs get removed constantly to maintain 100 Mb/s speeds. Over 20 million IPs and a 99.9% uptime guarantee complement the top-notch features.

Despite premium infrastructure, Scraper API is affordably priced – starting at $29/month for individuals ($249/month for businesses). Custom pricing is also available for specialized projects. For fully customizable, blazing-fast mobile proxies, Scraper API is a top choice.

9. Airproxy

Airproxy only has Italy-based locations but provides unlimited bandwidth starting at $87 per proxy monthly. Their 4G proxies are very clean and come with a dedicated SIM card per subscription.

Optimized primarily for Instagram automation, each proxy can automate up to ten accounts. For Italian mobile proxies, Airproxy is a great solution.

10. Shifter

Shifter grants access to over 50 million IPs, mostly in the United States. Bandwidth is unlimited on their proxies starting at just $20 daily. As a top mobile proxy provider, they offer abundant 4G and 5G mobile IPs.

Their high-quality proxies are considered the best by many. Choose from 25+ location options. Completely flexible pricing enables daily, weekly or monthly purchases of single or multiple location plans. For excellent US-based mobile proxies, go with Shifter.

11. Soax

5G mobile proxies from Soax prevent blocks and access restrictions when harvesting data online. Using the latest proxy server technology, Soax is a newer yet top proxy provider.

Their pool exceeds 3.5 million IPs gathered from users. Customize proxies by country, city, and mobile carrier for your needs. Businesses use Soax for data collection, SEO monitoring, website testing, price monitoring, and more.

Fully automated IP rotation ensures smooth performance and maximum uptime. Beyond collecting IPs, Soax proactively removes any underperforming ones too.

Rather than a flat fee, you pay for your specific bandwidth needs – a more flexible pricing model. For latest-generation mobile proxies, go with Soax.

12. ProxyLTE

As the name suggests, ProxyLTE excels with LTE proxies exclusively in the United States. If you need non-US proxies, their service won‘t work. Otherwise, it provides premium US-based mobile proxies.

You can‘t choose specific cities but can target states. With customized services for user needs, ProxyLTE focuses on a niche target market. When setting up your proxy, customize the connection type, location, time, and more.

Their small IP pool limits options versus larger proxy providers. However, their popularity is increasing IP numbers steadily.

Plans start at $225 monthly for 25 proxies. You can also get daily and weekly subscriptions. Social media proxies are available without monthly minimums too. Plus, 24/7 customer support assists with any issues. For US-only needs, ProxyLTE is a good solution.

13. AirSocks

AirSocks combines 3G/4G/LTE mobile proxies for secure web browsing that avoids IP blocks. Their dynamic IP allocation uses a vast pool of IPs and various security features like DNS, HTTPS, VPN, and SOCKS5 for anonymity.

Choose to randomize your location globally or target a specific region you prefer. When Instagram blocks your account and IP address, AirSocks prevents them detecting your new IP.

Rather than fixed packages, AirSocks generates custom plans based on your usage and locations. This likely makes them more expensive if you‘re a heavy user. For mobile proxy flexibility, including global IP options, AirSocks is a good choice.

14. Proxy Cheap

Living up to its name, Proxy Cheap offers affordable mobile proxies, largely in France and the US. They have unlimited bandwidth with pricing starting at $50 monthly. With no bandwidth caps, you can use Proxy Cheap proxies extensively for diverse activities.

If your budget for mobile proxies is tight, Proxy Cheap is worth considering. Their unlimited plans and low rates provide good value.

15. Hydraproxy

Hydraproxy has US-based proxies with unlimited bandwidth starting at $2.95 per port. For budget proxy shoppers, this competitive pricing makes them attractive.

They support IP rotation, changing your IP approximately every 30 minutes. This is useful when scraping sites that quickly block static IPs. Overall, Hydraproxy hits the marks for basic low-cost mobile proxies.

16. IPBurger

IPBurger offers mobile proxies with global locations and mobile carrier targeting. Their pricing starts at $76 monthly. Beyond mobile, they also provide residential, datacenter, and other proxy types.

Their global, carrier-specific mobile proxies are among the best. IPBurger continues expanding their location offerings too. For proxies worldwide, consider IPBurger.

17. Custom Proxy Solutions

As the name suggests, Custom Proxy Solutions focuses just on the US. With unlimited bandwidth, their proxies start at a hefty $200 monthly. The high price tag reflects their premier quality though.

For top-notch American mobile proxies, Custom Proxy Solutions is a good pick despite the cost. Their level of service justifies the pricing for many.

18. IPv4 Depot

IPv4 Depot‘s mobile proxy pool exceeds 7,000,000 IPs spanning all countries globally. However, they only service Verizon mobile carriers currently in the US.

Contact them directly for pricing which varies based on needs. With excellent network performance, IPv4 Depot offers some of the best global static mobile proxies available.


What Is A Mobile Proxy?

Mobile proxies use multiple SIM cards connected via a modem. The IP address rotates every few minutes to preserve anonymity. This allows changing IPs without rebooting your mobile router.

When using a proxy, your internet requests get routed through the mobile device‘s cellular data before reaching the destination server. This lets you access restricted websites easily outside your native IP range.

Why Are SIM Cards Used In Mobile Proxies?

Proxy providers use SIM cards to get dynamic IP addresses assigned by their mobile carriers. The 4G/5G networks commonly use this method, hence the name mobile proxies.

Are Free VPNs And Shared Proxies Secure?

Many people use free VPNs to browse anonymously. However, most free VPN providers request permission to add your IP address to their shared proxy network. This lets them route other people‘s traffic through your connection.

Using any free VPN service indiscriminately raises security concerns like data leaks. Reputable paid mobile proxy providers are more secure.

How Does Mobile IP Allocation Make Proxies Unblockable?

Mobile carriers have far fewer IP addresses than subscribers. For example, Vodafone UK has about 18 million subscribers but only around 130,000 IP addresses. So mobile IPs must be shared dynamically among users.

Your mobile IP address changes at least twice daily. Web services don‘t want to block shared IPs used legitimately by many others when banning abusive users. This makes mobile proxies harder to block.

Are Mobile Proxies Unblockable?

No proxy is completely unblockable, but mobile proxies have an advantage. Their dynamic assignment by carriers leads to IP changes up to three times daily. Even if blocked, the IP rotates quickly in hours.

Should I Use Mobile Proxies?

Yes, mobile proxies are great if you mostly browse or scrape data from a smartphone. They provide privacy without the hassle of rebooting a mobile router constantly.

What is the Best Use Case for Mobile Proxies?

Mobile proxies excel for specific mobile-centric tasks like Instagram automation. Automatically growing your Instagram account while avoiding blocks benefits greatly from mobile proxies.

Other stationary proxy types may be overkill for exclusively mobile activities. Match the proxy to your use case for optimal performance and value.


This guide covered 18 top mobile proxy services available in 2023 based on critical factors like features, locations, and pricing. Compare offerings like Oxylabs, Bright Data, and Scraper API to choose the best provider for your requirements.

Mobile proxies enable secure web access, region targeting, and spam prevention for both individuals and businesses alike. With numerous providers now, find the ideal mobile proxy for scraping, automation, or any mobile-first needs you may have.

The proxy landscape changes rapidly, so bookmark this guide to stay up to date on the latest and greatest mobile proxy services!

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