12 Best Free Proxy Lists for 2023 (HTTP & HTTPS)

Proxies allow internet users to browse the web anonymously and access restricted content by masking their IP address and location. While paid proxies offer more features and reliability, free proxies still have value for basic privacy protection. This guide will explore the top free proxy services available in 2023.

Why Use a Free Proxy?

Here are some key benefits of using a free proxy:

  • Privacy – Hide your IP address and location from websites, advertisers and ISPs. Prevent tracking.
  • Access Restricted Content – Access region-blocked websites and apps. Bypass filters and censorship.
  • Security – Adds a layer between you and malicious sites. Helps prevent attacks.
  • Speed – Proxy caching can speed up repeatedly accessed sites.

Of course, free proxies have downsides like slower speeds, usage limits, and less reliability than paid services. But they offer a basic level of privacy and access for free.

Top 12 Free Proxy Services for 2023

Based on quality, reliability and features, here are the top free proxy services recommended for 2023:

1. ScraperAPI


  • 5 concurrent connections
  • 1 million requests per month
  • Fast residential IPs from 40+ countries
  • ROTATING proxies refresh IPs frequently
  • 99.9% uptime with quality proxies
  • Easy to use API and plugins for instant setup
  • Helpful documentation and 24/7 customer support

ScraperAPI shines as a top free proxy service with high quality residential proxies, not datacenter IPs. Generous usage limits allow serious web scraping and automation projects. The free proxies auto-rotate to keep sessions anonymous.

Sign Up for ScraperAPI Free Plan πŸ‘ˆ

2. Proxy Seller


  • Pay per proxy model – only $1 per proxy
  • Choose country, protocol (HTTP/Socks5)
  • Rent for hours, days or months
  • Private proxies just for you
  • Static IP address options
  • 24/7 live chat support

Proxy Seller takes a unique approach by letting you rent private proxies for cheap. For just $1, you can get a dedicated proxy for hours, days or months. Pick the country, protocol and duration you need. Proxy Seller is affordable and flexible.

Get Proxies from Proxy Seller πŸ‘ˆ

3. Hide.me


  • 5 server locations (US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Singapore)
  • 1 connection and 10 GB/month
  • No logs or personal data collected
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Reasonable speeds for most uses
  • Browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Hide.me is a popular choice that offers 5 global server options with decent speeds. The 10GB monthly limit gives room for light browsing and streaming. With no logs, Hide.me protects privacy well. Easy to use browser extensions. Reliable service since 2011.

Get Started with Hide.me

4. Kproxy


  • 10 server locations worldwide
  • Manual server selection
  • 300 MB or 3 hour limits per session
  • Encrypted connections and no logs
  • Browser extensions and mobile apps
  • 100% free with no signup required

Kproxy is a straightforward free proxy thatβ€˜s been around since 2005. It offers unlimited sessions with 300 MB or 3 hour limits. Having 10 server options improves speeds. Easy to use with browser extensions. Overall a solid basic free proxy.

Start Using Kproxy

5. VPNBook


  • 10 server locations
  • No traffic limits
  • OpenVPN configurations provided
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Completely free service with no ads
  • Torrenting allowed

VPNBook offers free VPN service funded by donations. No traffic limits combined with 10 worldwide locations makes it flexible. Provides OpenVPN files for manual setup. Reliable service running since 2011. Allows P2P traffic.

Get Free VPN from VPNBook

6. Hidester


  • No account needed
  • HTTP and HTTPS support
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Useful for accessing restricted sites
  • Web proxy accessible from any device
  • Easy-to-use proxy site

Hidester is an easy web proxy requiring no signup or software. Just visit their site, enter a URL to access it through their proxy network. Provides basic privacy and access capabilities for free. Reliable service running since 2013.

Use the Hidester Web Proxy

7. PHProxy


  • Simple web proxy service
  • No installation required
  • Encrypted connections
  • Change user agent or referrer
  • Link and image filtering options
  • Completely free with no limits

PHProxy is another handy web proxy service requiring just their URL. Use it to quickly access blocked sites and keep browsing private. Lots of options to customize the proxy connection. Easy for anonymous basic web access.

Access PHProxy Web Proxy

8. Proxy.toolur


  • 200+ proxy servers available
  • HTTP and SOCKS protocols
  • US and EU server locations
  • Manual proxy selection
  • Simple web-based proxy
  • No account or software needed

Proxy.toolur has one of the largest free proxy server networks. Over 200 working HTTP and SOCKS proxy servers to choose from. Just pick a server and enter site URLs to access via proxy. Easy to use on any device.

Get Started with Proxy.toolur

9. PubProxy


  • 400+ free proxy servers
  • HTTP and SOCKS protocols
  • Proxy list updated hourly
  • Fast proxy testing tool
  • No account required
  • Web-based proxy site

PubProxy provides a frequently updated list of 400+ working proxies. Test proxies quickly to find the fastest options. No signup needed, just choose a proxy and start browsing anonymously. Lots of proxies to switch between.

Access the PubProxy List

10. ProxySite


  • Web-based proxy supports HTTP/HTTPS sites
  • Encrypted connections
  • Change user agent or referer
  • Remove scripts or objects
  • Proxy list with 100+ options
  • Free with no limits or registration

ProxySite is a handy web proxy with good features. Enter URLs to browse sites anonymously. Customize requests by changing user agent or removing page elements. Also provides a list of global proxies. Simple and effective.

Start Using ProxySite

11. FreeProxyLists


  • Updated proxy lists every hour
  • 400+ free public proxies
  • HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS protocols
  • Sort and filter proxy lists
  • Check proxy status and speed
  • Simple proxy aggregator site

FreeProxyLists provides constantly updated proxy lists with 400+ options. All proxies are tested hourly. Use the site to find working, fast proxies. Lots of sorting and filtering options. Easy proxy search.

Find Proxies on FreeProxyLists

12. ProxyRack


  • 450+ free proxy servers
  • HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS protocols
  • US and EU server locations
  • Frequently updated proxy list
  • Latency and uptime metrics
  • Free public proxy aggregator

ProxyRack publishes frequently refreshed lists of free public proxies. Currently over 450 proxies available supporting HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS. Metrics provided for speed and uptime. Reliable proxy search option.

Search Free Proxies on ProxyRack

Choosing the Best Free Proxy

When selecting a free proxy, consider these criteria:

  • Protocols – Make sure the proxy supports HTTP, HTTPS or SOCKS based on your needs.
  • Locations – More server locations generally provide better speeds.
  • Limits – Some free proxies restrict bandwidth or number of sessions.
  • Logs – No logs or data collection policies ensure better privacy.
  • Setup – Browser extensions and web proxies are easier to use than manual configs.
  • Speed – Faster proxies load pages quicker. Having options helps find the fastest route.
  • Uptime – Make sure proxy servers are actually online and available to use.
  • Support – Some services provide live support in case you need help.

Consider the factors most important for your purpose when choosing among the top free proxy services.

Free Proxy List Servers vs Browser Extensions

There are two main ways to use free proxies:

Proxy List Servers – Sites like FreeProxyLists provide lists of proxy IP addresses and ports you can configure manually in your browser or other software. This gives you direct access for more customization. However, manually entering proxy settings takes more effort.

Browser Extensions – Services like Hide.me provide browser extensions that automatically route your traffic through their proxies. This method is very easy to use. But some extensions have less configurability and fewer server options.

In most cases, free browser extensions provide the simplest option. But power users may benefit from the flexibility of manually configuring proxy list servers.

Pros and Cons of Free Proxies


  • Hide your IP address and location
  • Access blocked or restricted content
  • Added privacy protection
  • May speed up some site loading


  • Slower speeds than paid proxies
  • Some have bandwidth limits
  • Less reliable uptime
  • Limited server locations
  • Privacy still at risk of logging

While free proxies are useful, for serious privacy protection and web scraping, paid proxies are recommended:

  • Faster connection speeds
  • More IP addresses available
  • Multiple location options
  • High uptime and reliability
  • Strict no-logging policies
  • helpful customer support

Paid proxies start around $10/month and provide much greater capability and peace of mind.

FAQ About Free Proxies

Are free proxies safe?

Free proxies offer basic privacy but can still log traffic and IP addresses, so your privacy is not guaranteed. Paid proxies from trustworthy brands are safer. But free proxies add a layer of protection versus no proxy.

Can free proxies access blocked sites?

Yes, one of the main uses of free proxies is accessing blocked or restricted sites by hiding your location. They allow bypassing geographic blocks and network filters. But access is not always guaranteed.

Do free proxy extensions work for Netflix?

Some free proxies may work inconsistently with Netflix and streaming sites. Their IP addresses are often detected and blocked. For reliable Netflix access, a paid VPN or proxy is recommended. Streaming can also eat up free proxy bandwidth limits.

What is better Hola free VPN or a free proxy?

Hola is known for privacy issues, tracking user traffic, and being part of a botnet. We recommend avoiding Hola. Carefully vetted free proxies like Hide.me are safer and offer similar capabilities.

Can you torrent with free proxies?

Some free proxies allow torrent traffic and P2P file sharing. VPNBook and Proxy Seller are good options for free proxy torrenting. However, paid VPNs are safer and faster for torrenting.

Final Thoughts

Free proxies provide an intro-level solution for basic privacy, access to blocked content, and anonymous browsing. While they lack the full power of paid proxies, the top services on this list have value for casual use.

Just be aware of the limitations and potential privacy risks with any free proxy option. Always research the provider reputation carefully before using a service.

For daily private browsing and heavy usage, consider investing in a paid proxy or VPN. But these top free web proxies can meet simpler browsing needs.

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