FAQ – Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers!

You may have found your way here due to a number of reasons.  Perhaps you were just looking for a free proxy or a proxy to unblock a website and now are wondering why anyone needs an elite proxy and would want to setup their own proxy server in the first place.

These are VERY good questions, and you’ll find everything you could ever know about proxies and  below. If you don’t find what you are looking for, just send me an email with your question and I will get back to you ASAP!

Q: Why Use an Elite Proxy in the First Place?

You need an elite proxy or a proxy server if you want to hide your home computer’s IP while you are on the internet.

Why would you want to do this?

Well, there are actually a boat load of reasons as to why people do this and they all stem from the simple fact that your home IP reveals a lot of information about you, some of which you may not want other people to know, such as your location. Websites can log and VERY easily track everything that visitors to their website do, and this means that they have absolutely no problem of seeing the IP of your home computer and which country you live in.

People use proxies because sometimes websites may only allow visitors from specific countries, or they may only allow you to create one account per IP. Sometimes IPs that your ISP give you are blacklisted or blocked by various websites (maybe someone did something stupid and all the IPs owned by your ISP are now blocked by a website), and this means that there is absolutely nothing you can do to access them, unless of course you use an elite proxy to change your IP.

Hopefully by now you can see that there are many reasons why people use proxies and elite proxies, but it all comes down to making sure that no-one knows the IP that you are using while on the internet. Visit the Why Use an Elite Proxy page to find out more…

Q: What’s the Difference Between an Elite Proxy and a High Anonymous Proxy?

So should you use an Elite proxy or an Anonymous proxy?

The trick here is that they are basically the SAME thing, confusing indeed. Obviously they aren’t identical, but elite proxies are considered an anonymous proxy, they are just a VERY special kind of proxy. What’s the difference between them then?

Anonymous proxies suffer two major problems, both of which can be very BAD for anyone who wants to be anonymous or hide their IP online. The first problem with normal anonymous proxies is that they can be detected. Yup, that means if you visit my site I can easily see that the IP you are using ISN’T real, and that means I know you are using a proxy server (watch the video at the very top of this page if you haven’t yet to see what I am talking about).

This kind of defeats the purpose of using a proxy server, as you arent’ anonymous if I can see you are using a proxy server to change your IP. The other problem with normal anonymous proxies is that they aren’t private.

Typically you will get ten or more people all trying to use a proxy at the same time. Can you imagine trying to share your home Internet connection with twenty other people?

Obviously the Internet would be super SLOW. An elite proxy has NONE of these problems just mentioned, and they have a boat load of other advantages over every other kind of proxy server. Visit the An Elite Proxy Versus Anonymous Proxies page to find out more…

Q: How Can I Be Sure That I Can Setup My Elite Proxy?

Another common question I often get via e-mail from people is asking how hard is it to set up an elite proxy?

They go on to ask about any special skills or knowledge that they may need. The simple fact is that my elite proxy guide here takes you through every step of setting up your own server.

Anyone, yes I really do mean anyone, can set up their own proxy server. So what skills do you need?

Obviously you need a computer and Internet access at home, something you have if you’re reading this webpage, and you just need to know how to follow instructions and type using a keyboard.

Not only does my e-Book have very detailed instructions and screenshots to show you what to do at every step, I’ve also taken the time to make videos showing you exactly what to do.

There is absolutely no reason you would not be a set up your own elite proxy because I’ve included an e-Book and videos that take you step by step all the way through the process.

I’m also so damn sure that you be able to do this because I offer you my 100% satisfaction guarantee that if you can’t set up your own elite proxy I’ll do it for you free of charge. Now I don’t think you can get any better than an offer like that.

Q: Will this work with ABC website?

You will be setting up a HTTP/S proxy server that can not be detected as a proxy. Websites will not be able to detect your IP as coming from a proxy so they will not be able to block it based on any proxy filters they may be using.

Q: Will this work with ABC software program? 

Your elite proxy is compatible with any program/software that has support for HTTP/S proxies with IP, port, login and password information. Please check with your program/software provider if you are unsure.

Q: How many IPs can I create with your service?

We do not sell a service. This is a guide that exposes and reveals the best and cheapest way possible to setup a super fast and 100% anonymous elite proxy server at wholesale prices.  IPs can also not be “created”.  You will be renting your IPs on a monthly basis from a supplier chosen by you.

Q: Do you rent proxies or IPs?

A: Again, we do not provide a service of any kind.? The package reveals how you can setup your own elite proxy which gives you access to wholesale prices on IPs for your own super fast elite proxy.

Q: Will this work with my current website hosting?

A: No. We don’t recommend setting up your own elite proxy on any existing hosting you may already have.

Q: Will I still need PVA when using my elite proxy?

A: Having an elite proxy does not necessarily mean you no longer need PVA. You may still require PVA.

Q: Can my IPs get softblocked?

A: Since an elite proxy IP looks no different than other kinds of IPs, if you abuse or spam websites then they may block your IP. It is strongly recommended that you do not violate any TOS of websites and use them responsibly.

Q: Can I share my proxy with my friends?

A: Since you are setting up your own elite proxy server, you can share access to the proxy with anyone you would like. You have complete control over every aspect of your proxy.

Q: I connect to the internet using wireless/cable/dialup. Can I still use this?

A: Yes. How you connect to the internet does not affect your proxy server. Your proxy server is not setup on your computer at home and as long as you have an internet connection you can use your elite proxy.

Q: How can I be sure that this works?

A: The method exposed allows you to setup an elite proxy server that can not be detected as a proxy.? It is 100% anonymous and in no way reveals itself as a proxy. Using this setup, websites will not know you are using a proxy and will have normal access.

Q: How fast or slow is the proxy?

A: Of all the methods available on the market to create proxies, this is possibly the fastest available. Since you have complete control over the elite proxy, you will be the only person with access.

Many other proxy solutions available on the market are slow because they are shared by hundreds if not thousands of users at the same time. Of course, this also depends on what kind of internet connection you use on your home computer when connecting to your elite proxy.

Q: Is this going to be hard to do?

A: No.? As long as you are patient and can follow instructions, there should be no reason why you can not setup your own proxy.? If you are worried that you will be unable to do it, please contact us as we are able to setup your proxy for a fee.

Q: Will this work on PC/Mac?

A: Since you are setting up your own proxy server, as long as your home computer has access to the internet and the web browser supports proxy use with proxy IP and port, this will work for you. Provided your Mac can open .PDF files and play .WMV video files, then there will be no problems.

Q: What will the ongoing costs of the elite proxy be?

A: Hosting your elite proxy will cost you approx $9 USD a month which usually includes 2 IPs. Extra IPs are typically priced at $1 USD per month.

Q: Why do you only take payments from verified accounts/have a 24 hour delay?

A: We are only able to take payments from verified accounts to help prevent fraudulent purchases. This is done with the interest of protecting ourselves and our customers who wish to purchase.

Q: I have a question that isn’t listed here?

A: If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please feel free to contact us.