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  • Total Anonymity
  • Get USA/UK IPs
  • Shoe Sites Compatible
  • 100% Guarantee
  • 9 Minutes Set Up
  • Classified Website Proxy
  • Netfilx Proxy Server
  • Private Proxy Server
  • Anonymous Surfing
  • Stop ISPs Spying
  • High Speed Proxy

eBook + Videos Only $27 USD

Need to setup your own elite proxy, post multiple ads to classified websites, hide your IP address or just looking for some way to be totally anonymous online?

Then you’ve found the answer. My eBook with videos will show you how to setup your own super fast elite proxy server in the USA, UK, Europe or just about any country you want, so you can easily get access to multiple IP addresses and pay the lowest price possible for them. Order now by clicking on the button above, or read on to discover why you need your own elite proxy.

Dear Elite Proxy User…

My name is David Warren. Not too long ago, I was frustrated and close to giving up with proxies and posting ads on a very well known classified website (I am sure you know the one I am referring to).

It’s no secret that many websites will block access if you don’t have an IP from a specific country, or they limit the number of times you can create accounts using just one IP. The obvious answer is to use a proxy server, but the problem here is finding one that works and does what you need it to do.

There are a wide range of different ways to get proxies.  You can try searching for free ones online (something I would NOT recommend you do and I explain why below) or you can even rent them from others (if you don’t mind paying ripoff prices).

However, more often than not the proxies I did find either didn’t work, were unreliable or were so expensive that I couldn’t afford to rent a couple at most due to the high price. I knew there had to be another solution that gave me access to multiple private proxies at a super low price…

And I was right. Setting up your own elite proxy is possibly the BEST way to get multiple IPs from just about any country you need. I’ve broken down the EXACT steps that you need to know so you can set up your own super-fast and totally anonymous private elite proxy server.

Setting up your own proxy server gives you access to proxies at a price others can only dream of. Think you don’t need to set up your own elite proxy server? Read on to discover why you DO…

Free Proxies SUCK

Seriously, they do. Don’t waste your time with free proxies, no matter what kind they claim to be: private proxies, anonymous proxies, TOR proxies, web proxies, residential proxies or some other combination of the above.

I learnt this the hard way, and if you found yourself to my website then there is a good chance that you already know this. Free proxies don’t work due to a number of reasons.

The first is that while they can allow you to change your IP and may give you some kind of anonymity online, the problem with them lies in how they are setup.

What you’ll find is that when you use these kinds of proxies, you aren’t totally anonymous. The privacy and IP they give you can be identified as a “proxified IP”.

What’s a proxified IP?

Basically, this means that everyone knows you are trying to be anonymous and are using a proxy server, and this kind of defeats the purpose of using a proxy in the first place. Why use a proxy if everyone can see you are using one?

If you’ve ever tried posting ads on a classified site using one of these proxies then you will know what I am talking about. Everything looks OK.

You manage to sign up, create an account and post an ad, but nothing appears on the site. This happens because the IP you were using was detected as coming from a proxy server. The second reason is that they aren’t reliable at all.

You may spend a couple of hours looking and searching through forums and find a handful of proxies only to discover that a few hours later they no longer work.

Why do they die so quickly?

They die so quickly because there are too many people looking for them.  Servers often become overloaded and bogged down due to too many people trying to access the proxy at the same time.

It means that you’ll probably spend more time LOOKING for free proxies than actually using them.  There are just two of the many reasons why you should avoid free proxies and setup your own elite proxy server.

Watch the video below to see how private and anonymous your own server really is…

Super Simple Setup

I guess I can’t blame people for this but many people wrongly believe that setting up proxies is hard.  This couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Believe me when I say ANYONE can setup their own elite proxy servers once you know how.

Do you have a computer with Internet access at home?  Do you know how to type and follow instructions?  

If so then you meet all the requirements to setting up your own server.  No special knowledge or computer skills are required. You don’t need to know the ins and outs of Unix, Linux or anything else that is specifically related to hosting and servers.

The truth is that setting up your own proxy server is only hard if you don’t know how.  Many people try but give up because they don’t know what steps are involved, and this is what I show you here.

I’ve done the homework for you and condensed everything down into a very easy to follow step by step guide that tells you what you need to know and what you need to do to get your own server up and running in the shortest amount of time as possible.

I am not bragging when I say setting up proxy is so simple that it can be done in literally MINUTES.

Wholesale Price IPs

I am going to be blunt and say that if you rent IPs from a middleman, then you being ripped off.  How do I know?  I know because middlemen use the exact same information in my eBook to make a killing renting out IPs to customers who don’t know any better.

There are plenty of sites around today that provide a service and allow you to “rent” what they call exclusive or paid proxies, but they charge the earth! Those exclusive proxy sites can charge up to $10 USD per IP per month. Some may even think that $10 isn’t too much, especially if you only need one IP, but the truth is IPs can be bought wholesale for as little as 40 cents.

You do the math.  They buy IPs at 40 cents a month and then rent them out for up to $10 a month.  By learning how to setup your own elite proxy server each IP can cost you as little as $1 per month.

That’s a massive saving of 1000%! Imagine if you had a proxy server with 30 IPs. You would be saving over $270 USD each and every month! Unlocking the secret to how to setup your own proxy server not only allows you to post with and make money but also offers massive savings.

eBook + Videos Only $27 USD

Hundreds of IPs

Probably one of the biggest advantage of setting up your own proxy is that you no longer have to worry about never having enough IPs.

If you do any kind of classified posting or Internet marketing that involves web scraping or creating accounts then you already know that you can NEVER have enough IPs.  Having access to multiple IPs allows you to do so much more with the limited amount of time we have.  Having access to multiple IPs means what others spend hours doing may only take you minutes to achieve.

Not into scraping or Internet marketing?  Simply want to share your proxy with friends and family?  Then you can do that as well.  Setting up your own proxy means there’s almost no limit to the number of IPs you have.

Want ten or twenty IPs?

No problem.  One common problem people run into is that just aren’t sure how many IPs they need.  Today you may only need one or two, but a week or even days from now you may find that you need more.  The beauty of setting up your own server is that you can easily add more IPs to one server or you can just setup more servers.

You can add and remove IPs from your proxies as you need.  This allows your proxies to expand and grow as you see fit. Whatever your reason for wanting proxies, the good news is that it is simple to get five, ten, twenty and MORE by setting up your own elite proxy server.

Unblock ANY Website

Classified ads not going live?  Spent hours trying to figure out what or where you went wrong?  Sick of being told that you can’t access a specific website because you don’t live in the USA, UK or some other country?

Setting up your own elite proxy means no website or webmaster will ever know that you are using an elite proxy server, and this means that you can literally unblock and gain access to just about ANY website.

If you watched my video above then you will see how EASY it is for free proxies to be detected, but that’s only if you don’t know what you are doing and aren’t using an elite proxy.

You may find that your IP has been blocked simply because you either live outside of a specific country or perhaps someone went ahead and posted too many ads from your ISP and your IP range is blocked.

Whatever the problem, unblocking websites with your own elite proxy is very easy to do. You’ll be able to watch streaming videos, uploaded files and do just about anything and everything that you normally do online.

100% SEO softwares Compatible

In addition to having loads of IPs, probably more than you could possibly ever need, your own proxy server is fully compatible with GSA search engine ranker, Senuke, ScrapeBox, Ubot Studio and just about any other Internet marketing tool available today.

Once you’ve setup your own proxy server all you need to do you’ll have an IP and port number and some usernames and passwords.

All you need to do is enter this information in ScrapeBox, SEnuke or whatever software you use and you’ll be able to harness the true power of the software.

Not sure if the software you use is compatible?  

If your software has a “HTTP proxy” section with an area for IP, port, username and password, then there’s a VERY good chance you’ll have no problem at all. Your own proxy server is not only compatible with a large majority of Internet marketing software available today, but will be for years to come.

Easy As 1, 2, 3

I really do know how it feels and how frustrating it can be trying to post ads on classified sites or to create hundreds of accounts only to discover that the next day they are all dead and my single IP has now been blocked, meaning I can no longer create accounts.

That’s why I created this elite proxy server guide. Forums and blogs around the world are cluttered with people looking for the solution as to how to setup their own elite proxy, but they don’t show you the exact steps and information that you need.

You have found the answer right here. I’ve spent countless hours fine tuning and making this guide so that you can get your own server up and running with as little hassle as possible. With this exclusive proxy guide you will be able to easily do the following:

  • Discover the secret of how to setup your very own PRIVATE proxy server. How cheap? Gain access to IPs for as low as ONLY $0.40 cents each a month! This is your Secret Elite Proxy Weapon.
  • By using your own private proxy server you will have access to extra IPs at dirt cheap prices. Need an extra 10 or 20 exclusive IPs? Need more? No problem!
  • Any country, anywhere, any website. Not only can you get amazingly low prices and add extra IPs as you need them, but since you have full control you can choose to setup your elite proxy server in any country you need. Need IPs from the US, UK and Australia? No problem! Just setup a proxy server in the specified country and away you go!
  • Super Fast! No need to worry about how many people are using your elite proxy IPs. As you are the one who sets up and maintains your proxy server, you are the ONLY one who has access. Complete security and super fast speeds.
  • Use FREE software to rotate through your IPs automatically so you can focus more on making money and less on worrying about changing your IP and remaining anonymous.
  • Simple & EASY. Setting up your own elite proxy server couldn’t be easier thanks to our indepth eBook and detailed videos showing you exactly what to do.

eBook + Videos Only $27 USD

I know what I sell works and that’s why I think the best way to show you that my guide is the absolute best way to setup your own elite proxy is by sharing some of my previous customers’ comments.

You will find that the detailed eBook and videos in my guide make setting up your own proxy server super easy, just like these previous happy customers did.

Overall Elite Proxy Guide Review

Rating:  5star
Total Reviews: 14

Testimony #1 from a Happy Customer

From the pen of Al,

First off, I just want to say: I was really satisfied with this special offer and I wholeheartedly recommend this to everyone. Being currently located in Europe myself, this was the exact thing I was looking for. Nowhere on the net did I find anything like this.

Take care guys,
Al Rating: 5star

Testimony #2 from a Happy Customer

Hey brother this is phenomenal!

I’m done. My proxy is totally up and running. I got five extra IP’s and all are working perfectly! This is awesome. I can barely use html and I was able to get this done in about 30-40 minutes. Thank you so much sir!

Victor Rating: 5star

Testimony #3 from a Happy Customer


I set up the proxy using your guide. Took me 30 minutes. Worked AMAZING. Thank you so very much!

Noam Rating: 5star

Testimony #4 from a Happy Customer

I have used this to effectively market for my business and quite frankly appreciate your support and quick replies on technical issues when they’ve come up. You back your product with support and want to thank you for that as it has “saved my bacon” a couple of times by allowing me to post when I had almost no viable alternatives.

Bob Rating: 5star

Testimony #5 from a Happy Customer

Not only are David’s eBook and videos easy to understand, he stands behind his product by answering any question you may have, essentially making sure your system is up and running. Mine has been working fine and is everything I needed, thanks David.


Virginia USA, Rating: 5star

Testimony #6 from a Happy Customer

Thank You!… I read the guide and got it working!… you did an incredible job on the ebook and making a difficult process easy to do. I have been searching the internet forever trying to figure out how to create my own proxy servers. I am so glad I finally found your guide. Thanks again!

Chris Rating: 5star

Testimony #7 from a Happy Customer

I’m glad I purchased this great guide. It’s really well explained in print and video tutorials on how to set up a private proxy. You can’t find this on YouTube, believe me I tried.

John Rating: 5star

Testimony #8 from a Happy Customer

Your guide was worth every penny. So easy I didn’t even need to watch the videos. Took me 10 minutes once I got the host and VPS setup.

Josh Rating: 5star

Testimony #9 from a Happy Customer

Hi, David. I setup my server with your instructions. Great!

Roberto Rating: 5star

Testimony #10 from a Happy Customer
I made the server as your instructions said and it works good.

Mohammed Rating: 5star

Testimony #11 from a Happy Customer

David, Many thanks for the fine work. I have done as you said, and the next time your system worked perfectly.

Dave Rating: 5star

Testimony #12 from a Happy Customer

Hi David, Just wanted to thank you for your assistance in my dilemma, I am happy to announce that the new 15 proxies are working!:) God bless you man, your assistance is very much appreciated!

Rene Rating: Testimony #13 from a Happy Customer
Thanks, this worked well! Cheers.

Ash Rating: 5star

Testimony #14 from a Happy Customer

Hi David, Thank you for getting back to me. I did it! There is no way I would have been able to set this up as quickly as I did without your help! Thank you and thank thank you again!!! I wish you a very prosperous new year!

Amy Rating: 5star

What Can You Use an Elite Proxy For?

Not sure why people use proxies?  There are a LOT of reasons why you need an elite proxy. Just one example of this is posting advertisements on classified websites.

When it comes to making BIG MONEY online, classified sites are an absolute GOLDMINE! With millions of page views each month, if you aren’t posting on classified sites then you are missing out on a killer traffic source! Here are just a few fast killer ways to milk the Classified Cash Cow:

  • Build a list of highly targeted customers. Classified sites never sleep! There is a steady flow of endless traffic 24 hours a day.
  • Promote an affiliate or your own killer product to a product hungry market that WANTS to buy it. Use specific classified sections to laser target your customers increasing your returns!
  • Get targeted leads for CPA offers such as email or zip submits. Which such a massive and steady flow of traffic, you will have no problem finding leads anymore!
  • Not sure what you can do? Charge people and post ads for them! Some people make a living from doing nothing more than posting ads for other people who have realized the massive potential classified sites hold. It couldn’t be easier!

These are just a few of the many ways you can make money. Having your own elite proxies makes this possible.

My 100% Guarantee

I am so confident that you’ll be able to setup your own proxy server, that if you have any problem at all I will setup your proxy server for you!

I honestly don’t think you’ll need my help, because the entire package covers every aspect of setting up your proxy server leaving no stone unturned. However, if you do just send me an email and I’ll help you out ASAP! In the complete package you will find…

  • Everything from where to start searching for and how to setup your proxy server covered in great detail. Everything is revealed and explained step by step.
  • Easy to follow eBook that covers every step of setting up your proxy server so you can get it up and running as soon as possible.  I show you where to get your proxy server hosting all the way to setting up your web browser to use your new server.
  • Detailed eBook not enough?  I’ve also included almost 1 hour of videos that walk you through each step of setting up your proxy server making sure you can see and know what to do. It couldn’t be easier.
  • Numerous detailed screenshots showing you exactly what to do at each step making your proxy setup even easier.

The Ultimate Package

If you are sick and tired of free proxies, not being able to find a proxy server that works, or want a completely 100% private and anonymous proxy server then this is for you.

This can all be solved by using your own elite proxy. The information in my eBook and guide is what so-called experts use to run their own proxy rental business, so there’s no reason anymore why you should waste time searching for free proxies or have to pay outrageous prices to rent IPs from middlemen. This ultimate proxy package exposes all of the following:

  • Discover the secret of how to setup your very own PRIVATE proxy server. How cheap? Gain access to IPs for as low as ONLY $1.00 each a month or even less! This is your Secret Elite Proxy Weapon.
  • By using your own private proxy server you will have access to extra IPs at dirt cheap prices. If you are a heavy poster, then a few IPs isn’t enough. Need an extra 10 or 20 exclusive IPs? Need more? No problem!
  • Comprehensive 40+ page eBook and a massive 1 hour of videos that take you through step by step revealing just how to setup and get your elite proxy server up and running with as little hassle as possible.
  • Use FREE software to rotate through your proxy IPs automatically so you can focus more on making money and less on worrying about changing your IP and remaining anonymous.

There is massive value and savings included in this package and we can not sell it at this price for much longer! Don’t miss out on your chance to grab this killer package at an unbelievable low price.

eBook + Videos Only $27 USD

P.S: If you would prefer to hire me to setup your elite proxy server, then just click HERE.

P.P.S: No matter where you live in the world this is the most cost-effective and reliable elite proxy server solution and is a MUST HAVE.

P.P.P.S: The REAL value of this package is estimated at over $150 USD! Yes, I am not kidding.  Go and ask what someone would charge to setup a proxy server for you.  They’ll quote a price that is MANY times what my guide sells for.  This is unbelievable value that you can’t find anywhere else!