14 Best US Proxies with American IPs in 2023 (Free & Paid)

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Using a US proxy server can provide many benefits for internet users worldwide. American proxies give you access to geo-restricted content, help you stay anonymous online, and allow you to virtually relocate your IP to the US.

But with so many proxy services out there, how do you choose the best US proxy for your needs?

I‘ve tested and reviewed the top options to showcase the 14 best US proxies for 2023. I‘ll compare their features, performance, and pricing to help you find your perfect match.

I‘ve divided this guide into two sections:

  • The 12 best paid US proxy services
  • The 2 best free US proxy lists

Let‘s dive in!

Best Paid US Proxy Services

Here are my top picks for the best paid residential and datacenter US proxies you can buy:

1. Oxylabs

Oxylabs banner

Oxylabs is my #1 recommendation for US proxies in 2023. With over 40 million residential IP addresses globally, they offer the largest pool of American proxies available.

Locations: All major US cities
IP Pool: 40M+ global residential IPs
Speed: 1Gbps
Plans: Pay as you go from $300/month

I love Oxylabs because their enormous proxy network provides stellar performance and reliability. Their proxies successfully bypass captcha at 99.9% success rates.

Oxylabs US proxies work seamlessly for web scraping, ad verification, sneaker bots, social media automation, and any task requiring American IPs.

Their customer support is also top-notch, with 24/7 live chat and email assistance.

For the best US proxies with blazing speeds and an unrivaled scale, I highly recommend Oxylabs.

2. Bright Data

Bright Data banner

Bright Data (formerly Luminati) is another excellent choice for American proxies. Their global residential network includes over 72 million IPs with around 5 million based in the US.

Locations: All major US cities
IP Pool: 72M+ global / 5M+ US residential IPs
Speed: 40Gbps+
Plans: Pay as you go from $500/month

Bright Data IPs work great for accessing US-only websites and services from anywhere in the world. Their proxies fully mimic real residential internet connections for natural browsing behavior.

The variety of US locations and blazing fast speeds make Bright Data a top contender for the best American proxies.

3. Smartproxy

Smartproxy banner

Smartproxy is known for having some of the fastest residential proxies around, with US servers starting at just $75 per month.

Locations: All major US cities
IP Pool: 40M+ residential IPs
Speed: 40Gbps+
Plans: From $75/month

Their pool includes over 40 million IPs worldwide, with datacenters located across the US. Smartproxy proxies work seamlessly with all major websites, browsers, and sneaker/social media bots.

For blazing fast performance and reliable US-based IPs, Smartproxy is a great choice.

4. GeoSurf

GeoSurf banner

GeoSurf focuses specifically on providing residential US and EU proxies. While their network is smaller than some providers, the proxy quality is top-notch.

Locations: USA and Europe
IP Pool: 1M+ residential IPs
Speed: 1Gbps
Plans: From $300/month

Their proxies work great for accessing US-only sites and services with natural residential IPs based in major American cities. The network delivers fast, stable connections from a diverse pool of locations.

For reliable residential US proxies, GeoSurf is a superb choice.

5. Proxyrack

Proxyrack banner

Proxyrack offers premium residential proxies with locations in the US and around the world. Their Restrack US plans start at just $90 per month.

Locations: US and global
IP Pool: 1M+ residential IPs
Speed: 1Gbps
Plans: From $90/month

Proxyrack uses a diverse pool of residential IP addresses ideal for accessing US websites and services. The proxies work great for sneaker bots, social media automation, and geo-restricted content access.

For affordable, high-quality residential US proxies, Proxyrack is a solid provider.

6. Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies banner

Storm Proxies offers reliable datacenter proxies starting at just $4 per month. Their US plans start at $9.

Locations: US & Worldwide
IP Pool: 30K+ datacenter IPs
Speed: 1Gbps
Plans: From $9/month

While not technically "residential," Storm Proxies US proxies work very well for accessing geo-restricted sites and services. They offer excellent performance at budget-friendly price points.

Storm Proxies is perfect if you need affordable US proxies on a budget.

7. Proxy-Seller

Proxy-Seller banner

Proxy-Seller has datacenter proxies in locations worldwide including plans focused on the US.

Locations: US & Worldwide
IP Pool: 50K+ datacenter IPs
Speed: 1Gbps
Plans: From $1/month

Their US proxies start at just $1 per month, making Proxy-Seller the most affordable paid US proxy provider on this list.

While datacenter proxies don‘t mimic residential IPs, Proxy-Seller US proxies work well for many sites and deliver excellent value.

8. Shifter

Shifter banner

Shifter offers residential rotating proxies for the US and globally.

Locations: US & Worldwide
IP Pool: 31M+ residential IPs
Speed: 1Gbps
Plans: From $249/month

Shifter automatically rotates your IP address to prevent blocking. For private, anonymous browsing from US IPs, they are a great choice.

The residential proxies work very well for social media automation, web scraping, and accessing geo-blocked content.

9. Soax

Soax banner

Soax provides residential proxies with locations worldwide and a focus on the US market.

Locations: US & Global
IP Pool: 8M+ residential IPs
Speed: 1Gbps
Plans: From $160/month

Soax checks all the boxes for a top-tier proxy provider: fast speeds, high anonymity, great uptime, and robust customer support.

Their residential US proxies work seamlessly for social media management, web data extraction, sneaker copping, and accessing geo-restricted platforms.

For premium residential proxy performance, Soax is a superb choice.

10. Microleaves

Microleaves banner

Microleaves offers a quality residential proxy network with locations focused on the US and EU region.

Locations: US & EU focused
IP Pool: 1M+ residential IPs
Speed: 1Gbps+
Plans: From $300/month

Their proxies provide excellent speed, anonymity, and reliability. The residential IPs mimic real users for natural browsing.

Microleaves works great for accessing US-only platforms and services from anywhere in the world. The network stands up to heavy usage with fast, steady connections.

11. BlazingSEO

BlazingSEO banner

BlazingSEO offers datacenter proxies focused on locations in the US and Europe.

Locations: US & Europe
IP Pool: 15K+ datacenter IPs
Speed: 1Gbps
Plans: From $2/month

Their US and EU proxies work very well for accessing geo-restricted platforms and sites protected by anti-bot services like Cloudflare.

With unlimited bandwidth and affordable pricing, BlazingSEO makes a great choice for Scrapy and Selenium web scraping of US sites.

12. ProxyNova

ProxyNova banner

ProxyNova provides datacenter and residential proxies covering the US and other major regions.

Locations: US & Worldwide
IP Pool: 300K+ datacenter IPs
Speed: 1Gbps
Plans: From $2.99/month

Their US-focused residential proxies work very well for accessing geo-restricted platforms only available in America. For private, anonymous browsing from US IPs, ProxyNova is a solid pick.

Best Free US Proxy Lists

If you need US proxies on a tight budget, free public proxy lists can also work. Just keep in mind:

  • Free proxies are often slower and less reliable
  • Public proxies may already be blacklisted by some sites
  • There are risks around anonymity and security

But when used properly, free public proxy lists can still be useful in some cases. Here are my top recommendations:

1. Free-Proxy-List.net

Free-Proxy-List.net banner

Free-Proxy-List.net provides a frequently updated list of free public proxy servers. Just select United States from the country dropdown to filter it.

The website scans for working proxies every 60 seconds, so you can be sure you‘re getting active ones. But expect slower speeds compared to paid services.

2. Proxy-List.download

Proxy-List.download banner

Proxy-List.download lets you export a CSV list of free US-based proxies for easy importing into tools like Python.

Again, expect lower speeds than paid proxies, but the list can be useful in a pinch if you need free American IPs.

How to Choose the Best US Proxy Service

So which US proxy provider is right for you? Here are some key factors to consider:

Proxy Types:

  • Residential proxies come from real consumer devices and mimic natural browsing patterns. Great for accessing geo-restricted platforms.
  • Datacenter proxies offer shared IPs ideal for large scraping tasks. More likely to get blocked than residential.

Locations: Look for providers with proxies covering all major US cities and states. Wider location diversity is better.

IP Pool Size: More IP addresses means you‘re less likely to be blocked. For US proxies, pool sizes over 1 million are ideal.

Speed: Faster proxy connections result in quicker page load times. Look for 1Gbps+ speeds.

Features: Rotating proxies, sticky sessions, and custom whitelists help maintain access to target sites.

Reliability: Choose established proxy networks with proven uptime and accessibility. Check reviews from other users.

Pricing: Costs range from $1 to $500+ per month. Balance your budget with needs for proxy quality and features.

Customer Support: Look for US-based support via live chat, email, and phone for issues.

Using American Proxies: A Quick Guide

Configuring your software and tools to work with US proxies is straightforward:

Web Browsers: Install browser extensions like FoxyProxy to manage proxy settings.

Python: Pass proxies to requests using the proxies parameter or Privoxy.

Scraper Tools: Import proxies into Scrapy, Selenium, Puppeteer, or any web scraper with proxy support.

Sneaker Bots: Load proxy lists directly into bots like ANB, Kodai, and more.

Social Media Tools: Pass US proxies into automation tools like Jarvee, Stellation, or Ingramer.

Why Use US Proxy Services?

There are many reasons you may want to route your traffic through American proxy servers:

  • Access websites or services blocked outside the US.
  • Scrape data or prices from US ecommerce sites.
  • Maintain regional targeting for digital marketing campaigns.
  • Manage multiple social media accounts from US IPs.
  • Cop sneaker releases or concert tickets restricted to USA.
  • Research US competitors‘ websites.
  • Get around internet censorship restricting US services.
  • Scale web scraping from different US locations.
  • Preserve anonymity and privacy when browsing US sites.

US proxies have a wide range of use cases for individuals and businesses worldwide.

FAQs About American Proxy Services

Why are US proxies different than other country proxies?

US proxies give your traffic an American IP address and location. This allows you to:

  • Access US-only websites and services blocked elsewhere.
  • Appear located in the US to websites for regional targeting.
  • Scrape and analyze US sites undetected more easily.
  • Maintain anonymity when browsing US sites.

Are US proxies legal to use?

Generally yes, as long as you aren‘t using them for clearly illegal activities. It‘s wise to review providers‘ terms of service.

Some sites may prohibit use of proxies in their terms of service. So proxies should be used carefully and ethically.

Can I get free public US proxies?

Yes, sites like Free-Proxy-List.net publish lists of free public US proxies. However, these proxies are slower, less reliable, and often blacklisted. Paid proxies usually perform much better.

Can I use US proxies on mobile devices?

Many providers offer mobile apps or proxy profiles to configure iOS and Android devices through US proxies. This lets you mask your mobile traffic with American IPs.

Final Thoughts on US Proxies

Accessing American IP addresses provides many benefits for international users. From watching US Netflix to analytics research, US proxies open doors that would otherwise be geo-restricted.

After extensive testing, I recommend Oxylabs as the top provider for reliable, blazing fast residential US proxies in 2023. Their enormous pool of 40M+ IPs handles heavy usage with ease.

For affordable US options, Storm Proxies and Proxy-Seller offer great value datacenter proxies starting at $1/month.

Now you have all the info to choose the best US proxy provider for your needs and budget!

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