Setup Your Own SUPER Fast and Completely Undetectable
Elite Proxy Server with One Click

Need proxies for classified ads, SEO software or to be completely anonymous online? You have found the answer. Discover how to setup your own elite proxy with one click...

Benefits of the Elite Proxy Guide:

  • Setup an elite proxy with one click
  • Access dirt cheap IPs
  • Add more IPs as you need them
  • SEnuke | Market Samurai | Traffic Travis Compatible
  • Craigslist Proxy Server
  • HTTP/S Proxy Server 
  • 100% Guarantee

See How Easy It Is...


A Single, All in One Solution...


Stop Wasting Time

The Elite Proxy Guide allows you to setup your very own elite proxy server with just one click. Setup and configuration is 100% automated and takes just minutes. Setting up your own elite proxy gives you access to dirt cheap IPs and it is compatible with any operating system and works with ALL the popular SEO tools like Market Samurai, Traffic Travis, SENuke, ScrapeBox and more.

Start Making Money

The eBook and videos reveal ALL the steps to setting up your own elite proxy, so you'll have it up and running in a flash. I take you from the very basics of where to find cheap hosting for your elite proxy, what hardware setup to get, and then how to install your elite proxy with just one easy click. It couldn't be any easier.

The Easiest Way to Get Access to Wholesale IP Prices, Get IPs from Almost Any Country in the World and Unblock Any Website...

One Click Setup

Yes, setting up your own elite proxy requires nothing more than the click of a mouse button. Don't believe me? Watch the video above and see how easy it is. There's no need to learn any code, type in any special commands or download and install any software. The entire process is 100% automated. Simply type in the details of the server you want the elite proxy installed on and click away. Next, sit back and relax as all the hard work is done for you. Within minutes your very own elite proxy will be setup, configured and ready to go. You have complete control over your elite proxy via a web interface. Making changes is as simple as clicking your mouse. Getting your own elite proxy setup and running couldn't be any easier.



Dirt Cheap IPs

Why rent proxies when you can do it yourself and save a boatload of money? Proxy middlemen use the exact same information revealed in this guide to make a killing renting out IPs to customers who don’t know any better. There are plenty of sites around today that provide a service and allow you to “rent” what they call exclusive or paid proxies, but they charge the earth! These service providers typically charge DOUBLE or TRIPLE what it would normally costto do-it-yourself. Setting up your own elite proxy means you can get IPs for as cheap as just 50 cents a month, which is much lower than what middlemen charge. Why pay outrageous prices for IPs when you can get them yourself at rock bottom prices? Paying less for IPs means you can get MORE.



Servers Around the World

Need IPs from the USA? How about the UK? Is there a website in Canada or somewhere in the European Union you need to access? NO PROBLEM! You'll be able to setup your own elite proxy in multiple countries around the world giving you geographic IPs.

Setting up your own elite proxy also means not only can you pick the country you get IPs from, but you can often pick the city. If you post ads on classified websites then you realize how powerful and import it is to have IPs from specific cities, states and countries.

Never again will you be blocked access to a website. You will have the ability to get IPs from almost anywhere in the world by setting up an elite proxy in no time..

Super Fast and Reliable

One of the biggest problems with renting proxies from expensive middlemen is that you don't know what you are REALLY getting. Are the IPs elite or are you sharing them with someone else? Are other users on the server abusing and spamming with the server and slowing things down? The sad truth is when you rent from others you have no way of knowing if you are getting ripped off or not.

Setting up your own elite proxy gives you total control. It is totally secure and can only be used by those you want to give access to. It will never be oversold and you don't have to worry about people downloading too much or doing stupid things with it. Put simply, you get a rock solid, bulletproof elite proxy because only you hold the keys to it.



100% SENuke, Traffic Travis, ScrapeBox Compatible

In addition to having loads of IPs, your own proxy server is fully compatible with Senuke, ScrapeBox, Ubot Studio and just about any other SEO or link building software available today. Once you’ve set-up your own elite proxy you’ll have an IP, port number and a bunch of usernames and passwords. All you need to do is enter this information into ScrapeBox, SEnuke or whatever software you use and you’ll be able to start using your proxy immediately.

Not sure if the software you use is compatible? If your software has a “HTTP proxy” section with an area for IP, port, username and password, then there’s a VERY good chance you’ll have no problem at all. Since it is an HTTP/S proxy not only is it compatible with a large majority of Internet marketing software available today, but will be for years to come.

Indepth and Detailed Material & Support


I really do know how it feels and how frustrating it can be trying to post ads on classified sites or to create hundreds of accounts only to discover that the next day they are all dead and my home computer IP has now been blocked, meaning I can no longer create accounts. I also know how slow it can be to scrape Google results with just one IP. That’s why I created this elite proxy server guide.

I’ve spent countless hours fine tuning and making this guide so that you can get your own server up and running as soon as possible. Not only is each step is covered in great detail in the eBook with screenshots, but I've also included videos that show you exactly what to do and what to type. It's dead easy.

How to Get Started Today


(Safe and Secure)


(eBook & Videos)


(Fast & Easy)


The Complete Elite Proxy Server Guide Package...


  • Setup an elite proxy on a VPS with one click
  • Get access to dirt cheap IPs
  • Setup elite proxy servers around the world
  • Compatible with most SEO software
  • Comprehensive eBook + videos
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I am so confident that you’ll be able to set-up your own elite proxy server that if you have any problem at all I will set-up your proxy server for you! I honestly don’t think you’ll need my help because the entire package covers every aspect of setting up an elite proxy and leaves no stone unturned. However, if you do just send me an email and I’ll help you out ASAP!

What Users Say About This Guide...

"First off, I just want to say: I was really satisfied with this special offer and I wholeheartedly recommend this to everyone. Being currently located in Europe myself, this was the exact thing I was looking for. Nowhere on the net did I find anything like this." Al

"Hey brother this is phenomenal! I’m done. My proxy is totally up and running. I got five extra IP’s and all are working perfectly! This is awesome.Thank you so much sir!" Victor

"Thank You!… I read the guide and got it working!… you did an incredible job on the ebook and making a difficult process easy to do. I have been searching the internet forever trying to figure out how to create my own proxy servers. I am so glad I finally found your guide. Thanks again!" Chris




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